Saturday, May 30, 2015

I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

My classroom is all packed up,
Everything put neatly away.
Out in the sunshine I will now be,
Each and every summer day!
I will now have more time for my family,
Many fun things we will do.
I'll have time for me and be able to pee,
Whenever I want to!
What day of the week it is I won't know,
And I won't really care,
Because as long as I'm having fun in the sun,
It won't matter what I wear.

~Jaime Locke

So I get to now blog again regularly and create more teaching materials, yay!

Two awesome things to share with you today:
Use these Keebler cookies for s'mores...the chocolate is already ready and less messy!
The only glacier in the country that's accessible by car...
we went there this week and had a BLAST walking on the glacier and exploring!
If you're on summer vacation, I tip my glass to you!
If you're almost on summer vacation, I'll pour you a glass for when you cross the finish line!