Monday, August 13, 2012

Made It Monday

I've been a busy bee this past week, keeping myself busy while watching the Olympics and waiting for my second child to arrive in less than 2 weeks!

This is my new job chart...I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was so cool!
So I used my Cricut, scrapbook paper, letter stickers and fadeless paper.  I put magnetic tape on the back so it stays on my filing cabinet and will make little magnetic names for my students, which will go on the chart itself.

Outer Space is my classroom theme once again....with accents of red/black/white & white polka dots.  So I went crazy with fabric!

Used magnetic tape, stapled to the back
to adhere it to my desk.

I write student's names on fat popsicle sticks and keep them in a jar to use when I need to randomly choose or call on students.  So I've jazzed up the sticks and the jar!

I also, finally, put my favorite Smart Board presentation up on TPT. 
I use my beloved Smart Board to manage my Daily 5 groups 
(students, noise, & behavior).  The file was on my Mac Mini at school and I finally brought it home.

Go check out all the fantastic ideas that are going on at:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Working on STuff & TPT Sale

I've been busy putting my classroom together and making lots of great things to go with my Outer Space theme this year...I'll post them on Tara's Monday Made It (4th Grade Frolics) this coming Monday.

But if you are a fan of TPT and haven't heard, they are having a sale this Sunday and Monday August 12th & 13th and are offering 10% off.  I'm throwing a sale at the same time, for 15% that's 25% off of all my products!  I hope you'll come on over and check my store out....that's what I'll be doing too!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mini Voice Recorders

I recently read about lots of great things other teachers just can't live without, via this linky party.

One of these things, mini voice recorders, is something I had never seen or heard of.