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Hello from Alaska!

I'm Jaime from The First Grade Bloom.  I'm currently teaching 1st grade at a fantastic school in the Anchorage area and have 15 years under my belt now!  I love lists, so here's the 411 on me in list form:

* I've taught 2nd and 1st grades....in both English and French.

* I've got my masters in Curriculum & Instruction and my National Boards in Literacy.

* I'm originally from Minnesota and would move back there in a heartbeat!

* I married an Alaskan...which is why I'm up here :-)

* I have two children: Olivia is my (mini me) first grader and Max is my (lovey dovey) two year old.

So here's the good/interesting/funny/random stuff:

* I HATE onions...they are evil!

* I have an anaphylactic allergy to shellfish and have landed in the ER twice and avoided death.  But this allergy is "exercise induced"...

* I got engaged in Iceland, where the water smells like rotten eggs (brushing your teeth is real fun) BUT the country is awesome to visit!

* I'm a runner: Kara Goucher was my high school teammate and Brandi Erholtz was my college teammate.

* I am fluent in French and once won the ENTIRE game of Monopoly in French.  C'est vrai, je suis la reine des jeux!

* I student taught in Switzerland and then became a nanny in France (literally 5 minutes away).  I learned to drive a stick shift when the father of the family picked me up and told me to "drive home"...I learned right then and there which was SCARY!

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