The Literacy Lounge is a new podcast I'm currently working on that will be dedicated to the many components of successful reading & writing instruction.

I want to share my knowledge and expertise and what research tells us about successfully teaching kiddos to read and write.  Each episode will be 10-20 minutes in length (perfect for a car ride, walk/run/bike or when doing the dishes) and provide information and resources about the specific topic.  I'm even shooting for the moon and looking to interview researchers and teachers!

I'm also planning on doing follow-up episodes for topics that get a lot of feedback, questions, etc. so I can answer questions and share tips and ideas from other listeners.

This podcast is for all teachers, from very experienced ones to those bravely just starting out!  

Take a listen to my first episode and like any good reading teacher, I'll front load some questions for you so you're more cognitively active while listening:

Where in the world do I teach?
What other language do I speak/did I teach?
What do I HATE so much that I consider it an allergy?
What could I eat ALL DAY LONG for the rest of my life? 

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