Saturday, July 2, 2016

An awesome find at Goodwill!

First I willingly and excitedly spent my money at Lakeshore Learning for my classroom.
Then I started willingly and excitedly spending my money at Target and Dollar Stores for my classroom.
Now I'm willingly and excitedly searching for treasures and spend little money at local Goodwill and thrift stores!

The other day I found a new building treasure that I've never seen before and my kids have been happily testing out.

The box is old and the copyright is 2006 but upon Googling it, I'm happy to say they are still for sale and look like this:
You can order them online from Amazon, Walmart and Fat Brain Toys (my new favorite online spot for classroom building things, toys, etc.) for anywhere from $12 to $30.

This video is great and shows some more (math) ideas for how to incorporate it into your classroom.

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