Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Iditarod and TONS of sunshine!

These awesome photos were taken by a friend of mine, who was downtown for the start of the Iditarod.

Although WE weren't downtown at the starting line, we went to the first checkpoint on the Iditarod trail: the Campbell Airstrip.
The last mushers were just coming in and we got to walk around and take a look at dogs, sleds, trucks, and mushers.  It was a neat close-up!
It was a GORGEOUS 45 degree day (unusual for this time of year)!

Me and my little guy!
The dogs are waiting for all equipment to be packed up.
The inside of a truck.
A very nice musher chatting with my little girl.
a sled
The front of the sled where all dog lines start.
The dog harnesses off the lead line.
A sled anchor...not sure if there's a specific term for it.
After reaching this 1st checkpoint, all mushers pack up their gear and their dogs and drive 45 minutes north to the 'official' start in Willow, Alaska.  The start is on Sunday at 2p.m.

Discover some basic facts about the 'Last Great Race' with your students.

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