Sunday, February 2, 2014

A cute snowman craft and a FREEBIE!

February is here, can you believe it?
Snowmen was our theme for January and we ended the month with a really cute craft I saw on Pinterest.  All you need is an old CD, white paint, googly eyes, orange paper and black paper.  
This is my awesome fold out art table!
We do our crafts during our Daily 5 groups on T, W and Th this year.  So on Tuesday, students painted their CD white.  I just happened to find a bunch of old CDs in our art closet!  Then we finished up the snowman on Wednesday.

The nose is just a piece of crumpled orange paper, stuck through the hole in the middle. 
Aren't they super cute!  I love how each one has its own expression :-)

Now for the FREEBIE!
I read the Jan Brett story 'The Hat' the other day to my students and they asked about doing it as Readers' Theater but I told them I didn't have that script. But, lo and behold, I did have it on my computer and forgot I had written it a while back!  So go grab it, it's FREE!

Happy February everyone!