Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day. . . . .yes a bit late!

What do you get when you have parent-teacher conferences + a full moon + Valentine's day + an inservice + a class?   A VERY busy week and no time to blog :-( - Parent-Teacher conferences, a full moon, Valentine's Day AND an inservice? Oh, THAT'S why my week was CrAzY!

We did have some Valentine's art fun that I wanted to share.  During our reading groups, my students made some cute hearts that I saw on Pinterest.
The process of rolling up paper is called "quilling" and I think the end product looks like flowers.  
First students traced a heart onto tagboard and then cut it out.
After rolling several quills, students glue them onto the heart.
Students used paintbrushes to put lots of glue onto the heart.
One of my students faced her quills the other way.
This project could be adapted for other holidays or projects: Mother's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Spring, etc.

And I asked my students to create their own Valentine container.  Here were a few of the cute ones:
a LEGO container
a dragon
a shark

Have a good week after Valentine's Day!

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