Monday, June 30, 2014 to my ears!

I was curious where the word clearance (as in something being extremely on sale) originated but haven't uncovered its origin.  But this magical word is something teachers love to find because it saves them money out of their own pockets.  For me, it's like hitting the jackpot when I find something on clearance that I really do need or can quickly think of a use for in my classroom.

Clearance was on my side today... I'm currently on vacation in Minnesota and take every opportunity to visit stores we don't have up in Alaska.  One such wonderful store is Hobby Lobby!  I play this game where I go find the clearance items and pick the most interesting one and then try to think of a use for it in my classroom and then convince myself that I really need it.  I pretty much always win this game.  Today my find was a game that I will probably turn into a CVC game.

I think Scrabble and Bananagrams got married and this is their love child.

Found with other clearance graduation items.
The last store I visited was Kohl's, which we have in Anchorage, but I needed a new tank top to go with a new skirt I recently bought.  Never did I think I'd find something for my classroom in this store.  But then I found this little guy...and bought 2 of them.
It's really an empty, lidless, rectangular box.
I love to call my students "Smarty Pants" when they contribute something really smart and it kind of catches me off guard.  Now I can give my Smart Pantses these little wooden plaques to put on their desks for a warm fuzzy.  I plan to have them frequently desk hop during a day!

Do you love to see the word 'clearance' as much as me?  
Do you play my game too?

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