Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mad Libs

Do you remember Mad Libs?  Those fill-in-the-blank stories that were so fun to complete and hilarious to read!  

I just discovered that Mad Libs are scaffolded so kids as young as preschool can start doing them and then progress as they get older.  There's an easy, medium and hard version.  The easy version has stickers and my soon-to-be first grade daughter and I just happened to buy one from a local book store the other day and had lots of fun with them this weekend.
There is also a Christmas and Easter sticker book.
Reading this over and over is also great fluency practice!
Kids can make a serious or silly Mad Lib with the stickers provided.
And voila
The medium level has symbols underneath each missing word.  There is a word bank to choose from, by matching up the symbols.  I make these available at our Writing Station.

I took my love of Mad Libs one step further and created two for Mother's and Father's Day and they are the inside of the cards we make for our moms and dads.  They are FREE too!
Click to get them!
I hope you get just as ___________ about Mad Libs as I did!

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