Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fairies in a Jar

Now that school is out, it's time to look over my Pinterest pins and try out the fun stuff!  Today my daughter and I tried making Fairies in a Jar.  
needed items: a clear jar,  glowsticks, glitter
#1: Cut a glowstick and empty the contents into a jar.
#2:  Add glitter to the jar.
#3: Put the lid back on and close.  SHAKE IT UP!
#4: Go in a dark room to watch it glow!

It turned out so-so, compared to the picture on Pinterest, so we decided to add liquid to the jar to see what would happen.  We poured in a cup of vegetable oil and 2 things happened:  all the glow disappeared -and- the glitter ran down the sides of the jar like rain, which was very relaxing to watch.

So how can this project relate to your classroom?  Making a shakeable jar, full of glitter and liquid can be used by students who show anger, frustration and/or needing a break.  I had a jar like this in my classroom for such a student this year and it worked very well.  I kept it, along with other sensory items that seemed to calm or distract, in a rubbermaid drawer behind my desk so it was accessible but not super visible to the rest of the class.

Click here to see the original 'Fairies in a Jar' Pinterest link.

I can't wait to try more artsy projects that I've pinned!

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