Friday, July 25, 2014

School Supply Lists

Today my 1st grade colleagues came over for lunch and to talk shop.  We did make your own salads and had a great time talking and planning.  The one thing we really wanted to accomplish was to come up a with a 'first grade' school supply letter to have available at registration next week. 
Krista Walden clipart....she's awesome!
I teach in the Anchorage School District, which has 60+ elementary schools!  A few years back, the district adopted a generic list for all K-6 schools.  The problem is two-fold: 1) Not everyone wants students to bring in those exact things and 2) Each teacher has things they do want but aren't on the list and we end up asking for those extra supplies later.
The extra items that we all would like but are NOT on the generic list range from cleaning wipes to Ziploc bags.  I have an "extra school supplies" letter that I give out at Open House and hope that kids bring in those things.  But that means I would get about 20 boxes of Ziploc bags and 20 cans of cleaning wipes.  One of my colleagues had a brilliant idea to avoid that: specify on that letter 1 item for a family to bring in and which item that is depends on the first letter of their last name.
An excerpt from the letter I give to parents.

I would love to know about YOUR school supply letter!  Take a moment to leave a comment below :-)

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