Friday, July 25, 2014

Blog design...getting help and piecing it together.

I've had this blog now for just about 2 years and it's been a long journey learning how exactly to create, improve and maintain it!  I wish I had somebody sitting next to me showing me the ropes but I've learned a lot just by looking at other blogs and researching with Google.  

There are so many cute teaching blogs out there and sometimes it gets me down that my blog doesn't look as cute as theirs but I just remember that this blog truly started because I was walking through my mother's garden and marveling at her beautiful flowers and connecting it to my students.  So flowers and nature need to be represented....gotta keep it real!

My mother's peonies are INCREDIBLE!

So tonight, as I sit at Starbucks with my headphones in, working on blogging and business stuff, I have FINALLY redone my blog banner and I'm so happy with it. So I need to give credit to my two sources:
Click here for an article on how to make your blog header.
This is the web based editing site that you use to create your blog header.

If you're a fellow teacher blogger, I would LOVE to know about other apps and/or web based sites you've heard about or used for your blog!


  1. Very nice. I too want to learn more about blog design. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment Clara, I appreciate it! Running a blog is fun, a big learning experience and lots of hard work but it's worth it :-)