Monday, September 8, 2014

Trick or Treat in the Heat & An Opportunity for You

Halloween comes early up in Anchorage thanks to something called 

What's even better is that it's a charity event to support children with cancer.  Get out your Kleenex....a little boy named Ian Robbins had cancer several years ago and his last wish was to go Trick or Treating before he died.  So his entire neighborhood (which now we're a part of) banded together and pretended it was Halloween in August.  He donned a Buzz Lightyear costume and his wish came true.  Sadly he died shortly thereafter.
But that sadness has now been turned into joy, excitement and awareness.  Four neighborhoods in the Anchorage area now participate.  And it's especially poignant this year because a fellow teacher's son is battling cancer right now down in Seattle and proceeds are going to him and his family.  

We moved into this neighborhood a year ago, after having participated the prior year and I was THRILLED to be part of everything!  So this year, with my daughter being obsessed with FROZEN, I decided to "Go big or go home!" -my motto.  Saturday night I created Elsa's ice palace in my garage while rocking out to 80's music...and I didn't even get any paint on my husband's car :-)

The next day I set up the palace and a beautiful snowflake laden runner in the air above our porch sidewalk.  My daughter dressed up as, of course, Elsa and I was Anna.  I had a BLAST handing out candy to many kids....many of whom were Elsa as well!  My husband (The Man in the Yellow Hat) took the kids (Curious George and Elsa) out Trick-or-Treating while I held down the palace.

I can't wait to do this again in October...but there'll more likely be real snow and ice by then. Elsa will be thrilled!

Now, onto an opportunity for YOU!
If any of you teachers out there create teaching resources and post them to sites like TPT or TN and are interested in another outlet, I have the good fortune to be part of a new teacher resource website (not my creation, the owners contacted me). Please e-mail me at for the details but the incentive is that you: will be paid $50 just for posting some of your teaching products and if you are one of the first five to participate, you will be paid $75. The owner took the time to call me and walk me through the process personally, which I was very impressed by. He's also been great with any feedback and suggestions I have for the site.  It's been a fun opportunity!
 Let me know if you're interested 

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