Friday, September 12, 2014

Five for Friday

This was our first FULL week of school (K and 1 that is) and my class this year is proving to be more of a challenge and requires more time and strictness than normal.  So I'm THRILLED it's Friday and time to link up at

My week was that much better because of these five things:

I FINALLY finished a video tour of my classroom, so come follow me inside!
Click on the pic to view the video

You can find resources you saw in the video right here.
Click on the pic to see the other project I'm hoping to get funded.
I posted a project a week ago and it has already been funded!  So we're going to be gardening in our classroom during our long, snowy winter!

 I've been off and on sick this week with the flu? and 2 of these babies really helped me feel a bit better!

 Pumpkin Cauliflower Soup/Mash
Yummy!!  Thank you Taste of Home magazine!  Click on the pic for the recipe.
Cross Country Running
I'm co-leading our K-6 team this year and the awesome trails we have next to our school make this such a FUN after school event.  100 kids (one fourth of our school) is involved in this!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

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  1. Enjoyed your Five for Friday! I've nominated your for the LIebster Award! Get more info at my blog!