Monday, November 24, 2014

Pigeon Week

I fell in love with all of Mo Willems' "Don't Let the Pigeon..." books!  They are so funny and make me want to read about more of the pigeons' ideas.  
This one started it all:

I decided to bring the pigeon (which I named Pete) the life so he could create a bit of havoc for the first week of November.  Why the first week of November?  You'll have to read his letter to my students.

So here are some pictures of the fun we had:
I would change the text everyday to silly things.

This is what lead us to discover Pete the first day.
Camped out in his nest, with a letter and a book for us.
Helium balloon pigeons!

He's such a little troublemaker!
He replaced the binder cover of every one of my students!

Everyday we got a letter from Pete which taught us about pigeons.

Does this sound like fun for YOUR classroom?  If so, check this out

We had so much fun during this special week, the kids were so excited to come into the room each day to see if Pete did anything :-)  They didn't want him to leave. . .but the void in their hearts will soon be filled by 4 little Gingerbread men because the 2nd annual Gingerbread Palooza is coming up after this week. Stay tuned!

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