Friday, January 16, 2015

Small Math Groups: O is for On your own

O is for On your own. . .
Since my core instructional time is limited to 10-15 minutes so we can do 5 rotations, this is the independent practice group. The last 30 seconds of my lesson is previewing the independent practice page.  Our curriculum, Go Math!, does have a student workbook but I've never been one to rely solely on the curriculum.  Every good teacher knows that you have to supplement when necessary.  So I decided to use notebooks as our Math Workbooks and students glue each practice page in.
I created this first page to show students that math is multi faceted and we highlight each broad concept as we learn about and practice it.
Students write the page numbers on each page and turn it in to our Math Workbook basket when completed.  The current page number is always displayed on our Math BLOGC board.

I correct and return the Math Workbooks after school.  If a student finds their returned workbook upside down it means that their work was good and nothing needs to be fixed.  But if it's returned opened and upside down then they know there is something(s) to fix and must do so the next day during Morning Work time.
I got this stamp at Lakeshore years ago and it's served its purpose very well.
When I'm finished teaching my 3 core instruction groups, there are still 2 rotations left so I use that time to meet one-on-one or with a few students who want help with their workbook.  We meet on the carpet in, what was, my teaching space. 

Previewing the page, in 30 seconds, by showing them MY workbook page (which always has 1 problem completed) really helps kids understand what is expected of them and sets them up for independent success.  I am also to take grades from all of these assignments and put them in my grade book (our district has a weekly requirement about how many grades teachers should have entered).

The content of this Math Workbook comes from 3 sources: Go Math! workbook pages, me (creating things to fit my lessons and meet my student's needs) and Jaime Pink's Interactive Math Notebook
I can't tell you how much I enjoy the structure of these groups and again how much better I feel I'm teaching, reaching and inspiring my students as mathematicians!

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  1. It looks like you have your little firsties working independently! That is so exciting! I am so glad you love using my interactive notebook pages with your little guys during your math rotations. Thank you so much for the shout out and for sharing your success story with all of us! -Jaime