Monday, January 12, 2015

SNOW....have you seen any?

You heard it here first...Alaska needs snow!
Grass is poking out all over our yard and the roads are more like thick sheets of ice.  I would take sand over snow any day but the month of January is going to be all about snow in my classroom and we just can't go out and look at snowflakes or build a snowman. . .yet!

Since there's no snow outside, I worked on some snow inside: I took four of my Readers' Theater plays about snow and snowmen and put them into a mega pack.

Back in October, after a math inservice, I sat down with my two colleagues to talk about how in the world to do small math groups.  I've ALWAYS wanted to do it but never had or made the time for it.  After listening to one of my colleagues (who is also my daughter's teacher this year) I decided to just jump in!  I came up with an acronym to help me structure our groups and hit the ground flying by the seat of my pants.  It was really stressful and hard at first....had to rethink my noise management, among other things.  But now, two months later, I'm really enjoying it and I KNOW that it's providing much better instruction for my students!  It's called Math BLOGC.  Here are some pictures of what students use to keep track of their small groups during an entire week, it's called our Math Menu.

Tomorrow I'll explain each of the groups, beginning with B for Building.

Have a great week!

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