Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Would You Rather?

Would you rather be a piranha or a beaver?
Would you rather eat a worm or a spider?

No, I'm not trying to bring back Fear Factor.  These questions were created by my students for a fun new writing activity at our Writing Station.  

This idea came about because I have the board game Would You Rather? in the classroom and use the questions as one of our brain breaks. My students love how silly, gross, funny, etc. the questions are and can now contribute to them.

There is also a book by William Steig that has the same idea and I created a class book to add to our Writing Station.  On each page, there are two objects presented and kids are asked which one they would rather be.  

My favorite part about both of these activities is the conversation we have when students explain their choices!  So I put both of these ideas into a packet on Teacher Pay Teacher and it's FREE! 
Go check it out and have some silly fun!

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