Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Gearing up for the Gingerbread Friends

It's time once again for. . .

Gingerbread Palooza!
For the past 3 years now, four delicious little friends have invaded our classroom for the month of December.  They are a playful bunch and we come into our classroom each morning eager to see what they were up to the night before.  Here are a few snapshots from last year:
They got into our bank cash register and left us chocolate money!
They played with LEGOS one night...all night long!
They tried to go fishing in our class pet's fish tank!
They found a way to go sledding indoors!

I'm always on the lookout for Gingerbread paraphernalia and was luckily at a Hobby Lobby this past July when they were having a Christmas in July sale and I stocked up!  And this past weekend I found this cake mold at Michael's:

I bought a Gingerbread cake/cookie mix and tried it out. . .and it was DEElicious!  I think on Friday morning the G-friends will be using our toaster oven when the kids come in and we'll do a writing/baking lesson with this "present" from them.
I found this gingerbread shaped journal at a CARRS store, randomly, the other night and the G-friends will use it to write us notes each day.

And we, in turn, will write about their antics in our special Gingerbread Journals.

I absolutely LOVE the month of December with the G-friends.  This is also the month of doing a lot of AIMSWeb assessing in math and reading and so any chance I get to infuse fun into my classroom (whether it goes along with curriculum or not) I DO IT!  Hey, Nike's slogan works for me: Just Do It!

If you're interested in bringing the G-friends into your classroom, check this out:

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