Sunday, December 13, 2015

Gingerbread Palooza Days 5, 6 & 7

Day 5: Snowball Fight
So the Gingerbread Friends opened the window to go out and play in the snow but it was too COLD so they shut the window and quickly came up with a plan B: marshmallows!  They invited their friends snowman and nutcracker to join in on the fun.  We got to use and eat the marshmallows later in the day when we played time BINGO and used them as tokens.

Day 6: Garden Party
Feeling bad about the mess they made the night before, the G-friends decided to do the opposite tonight: clean up something.  So they spruced up our classroom garden a bit.  This garden table is an awesome thing I received from Donors Choose!  It's nice to have some green even in the wintertime up here in Alaska.

The peas are looking pretty pathetic...
Monty the mint plant needs a haircut...
They gifted us 2 grow-in-a-jars that have a special component at the bottom to help soak up extra water so the plants are not affected.  Super cool!  Found them at Home Depot...

Day 7: It's LEGO time!
Everyone loves LEGOs, even the G-friends.

This is the last week of school before our 2 week winter break.  Then I'm off to Kona, Hawaii for a week. . . and I wouldn't be surprised if the G-friends joined me by sneaking in my suitcase ;-)

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