Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Gingerbread Palooza: days 1 & 2

I'm such a good actress!
I should've won an Oscar Tuesday morning around 11:00a.m. as I opened my snack cupboard and the Gingerbread Friends jumped out at me with cookies, books and a note for us all.  My students are convinced they "jumped" out at me, which is awesome!  So I played dumb and told my class I forgot it was December 1st and should've known that the Gingerbread Friends would show up and surprise me like that because this is the 3rd year in a row that they've come to my classroom.  I've heard from several parents that their child came home with exciting news ;-)
Tuesday after school I was thinking of what antics the G-friends could be up to and my inspiration came from a story I was going to have kids listen to at the Listen Center during our small Reading Groups: The Gingerbread Pirates.  I quickly went looking for a teacher that had a play ship...but no luck.  So I decided to make a ship in my garage and ended up staying up past midnight (I'm a glutton for punishment).
Let's do this...quickly!
Watching the Voice and building a ship!
Before I spray painted it and adding the final details.

The ship turned out pretty darn awesome and their reactions were priceless!

Arrrrrrrrrgh you inspired?  If you're doing this fun experience during the month of December, I would LOVE to hear about what your G-friends do!  My friend Stephanie in California's G-friend are on vacation tomorrow at the beach because behavior wasn't good today....genius!   I should do the same maybe because 2 of my students stole most of the chocolate treasure right out of the boat.  But they quickly ratted each other out when I discovered it and made a big deal of it.

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