Monday, May 23, 2016

Class Yearbook

Have you seen that commercial on Hulu about "falling into a show hole" because you've binge watched an entire series?   Well I feel more like I've fallen into a "blog hole" and just dug my way out today.....yikes!

Too much on my plate and a student teacher this spring (who was FABulous) are what I'm blaming it on.  And I ran the Paris Half Marathon in March and trained for it (then gallivanted throughout Europe while my student teacher held down the fort), which took up a lot of time but was so worth it!

Today is my first day of summer vacation and freeeeeeeeeeedom!  We ended our year with one of my favorite writing projects, our class yearbook.  It was our last quick writing assignment and turned out so nice.  But this year I did something new with it: I passed it out to kids on the last day of school on the bus that took us out to the Eagle River Nature Center for a guided nature walk and picnic field trip.  The kids read it from cover to cover, on the way to and from our beautiful trip.  I sat with two of my squirrely boys on the way back and they were even quizzing me on it ("What is Nickel's favorite color?  What is Sadie's favorite thing about first grade?, etc.)

I copied the cover, a class picture and the autograph pages onto an 11x17" piece of copy paper and it became their cover.  I had them color it on one of the last days of school.  I wish I had had time to laminate them too, but oh well.

I've updated this FREEBIE because I have a new favorite font and favorite borders (Krista Wallden)!   I know many of you are not yet done so I hope you'll take a peek at this and use it with your kiddos because it's really a nice keepsake that is special to your class.  Click on the images above to snag it!

Vive les vacances d'ete!

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