Wednesday, May 25, 2016

End-of-the-Year Classroom Clean Out

I started packing up my classroom earlier than I ever have this year and had my students helping me. . .

Ain't this the truth!  Yet that's all most of us are given.
. . .but I was the last teacher to check-out and leave last Friday.  Why?  Well I started going through all my cupboards, which meant I went through all my binders too.  When all was said and done it felt really good to know that when I go back in August, things will be organized, tidy and easily accessible! 

My favorite thing to re-organize before leaving was a big metal piece of furniture with tons of drawers where I keep office supply stuff.....yes, I'm a nerd.  But I know I'm not alone....  I got it for free from our school district's warehouse a few years ago.  I've since painted and decorated it.  And the other side is empty so students can use it to either do magnetic words (Writing Groups) or Tumble Trax (Math Groups).

I made this video on a whim with an app on my iPhone called Insta Video just to play around with it.

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