Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Get This Party Started

     You've got to turn on your inner radio and hear Pink's "Get This Party Started" to understand the title of this post.  I started this blog a month ago and haven't done much.  I've wanted to do more but am still trying to figure out how this all works.  Plus, it's summer vacation and I'm 33 weeks I'm finding lots of other things to distract me (i.e. trying to visit all my friends and family in Minnesota during a month-long vacation, trying to waddle my way up and down stairs while Max's head is enjoying laying on my bladder, etc.).  
Part of me is chomping at the bit to post and share and part of me is saying "Take a break and get your head back into the game in August."  So I'm trying to listen to both sides.  I'm also wondering "Where do I start with my posts?", "Should I have a nice, orderly theme-oriented list of posts?", "Should I just babble and amuse people?".  I'll keep trying to figure things out and post more if you hang in there and follow me.  And if you have suggestions, please let me know!

A Lady Slipper, the state flower of Minnesota.

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