Saturday, July 21, 2012

Target Finds

One of the best things Target ever did was to create the Dollar Bins that lure everyone in the store to load up their carts and baskets with cheap little things that they may or may not need or use. 


I bet the people who benefit most from the Dollar Bins are TEACHERS.  We're resourceful, creative and frugal....and the Dollar Bins help us create amazing classrooms with tons of fun stuff! 

So I finally decided to check out our local Targets to see what goodies they had stocked up on.  We recently got back to Alaska from our annual month-long vacation in Minnesota (where I'm from) and their Target stores hadn't yet been invaded by school supplies.  

Here is what I've picked far:

My classroom theme is once again Outer Space.  I've had many themes over the years, but I think I like this one best.  I love the colors black, and white and it goes really well with Outer Space decorations.  My favorite thing so far is the cute little "Hi" rug.  I'm going to put it at my desk so kids know where to wait for me if they need to talk to me (instead of standing behind my desk looking at my stuff or even sitting on my chair).

I checked out Walmart and was disappointed, went to the Dollar Zone and didn't find much and have yet to take a peek at Office Max.


  1. I feel like I end up at Target every other day, and end up with something new from the dollar spot in my cart. Not a Walmart fan, but love the Office Max rebates I get from turning in ink cartridges. I have over $30 to spend by the end of the month!

  2. Ooh, tell me more about Office Max rebates! I usually take my ink cartridges, from school, to Walgreens to have them refilled.