Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Read to Self

I do not speak Japanese nor can I read it.
Don't worry, this will make sense a moment.

I started doing the Daily 5 in my classroom last year.  I actually call it the Daily 6 because kids do: Read to Self, Read to Someone, Word Work, Reading Games, Listen to Reading and Computer Time.  Guided Reading with me is also a group.  So last week I launched Read to Self and it has gone really well!
The first lesson I did was "The 2 Ways to Read a Book".  Reading the pictures and/or the words are key for me.  I know you can also retell the story, but I like to keep it simple and go with 2.  I don't think kids really believe that reading the pictures is truly reading.  To prove that pictures CAN be read, I borrowed a children's book in Japanese.  Remember what I said about Japanese earlier?
I read this book to my students and only read the words.  I still have no idea what the title is but I had a BLAST reading the pictures to the kids and they loved it!

I do speak French and used to teach 2nd grade at a French immersion school, so I have lots of books in French.  I'm thinking of bringing them in so my kids can read the pictures....and I know my very bright kiddos will even try to read the words!

You can download my Two Ways to Read a Book POSTER here for free:

I also created a SmartBoard file that I use to conduct and manage my Daily 6 groups and it makes life SO easy!

Watashi wa yomu no ga suki

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