Monday, September 9, 2013

Trick -or- Treat in the Heat!

Halloween is 53 days away, but here in Anchorage we get ours a little early!

Several years ago, a caring neighborhood banded together to give a terminally-ill 5-year-old something he loved before he died.  This act touched so many that it's now a yearly tradition.  There are now 4 neighborhoods in the Anchorage area that participate and kids simply buy a $10 wristband to participate.  All proceeds go to charity and this year there were 3 different charities that benefitted.

We recently moved into a new house, in one of the participating neighborhoods, so we got to get in the spirit and hand out candy!  My daughter and I decorated our porch and driveway and then the kids and I dressed up as pirates and hit the pavement.
But just as the festivities started to RAIN!  We've had rain for more than a month straight but it was sunny and dry all day, so I thought it would be Trick -or- Treat in the HEAT....but it turned out to the Trick -or- Treat in the RAIN & WIND!  Both kids were troopers but we were soaking, cold and tired and didn't last very long.  But the underlying cause made everything worth it and I'm proud to be part of this neighborhood community!

Even though there are still 53 more days until Halloween, you might be an early planner or on the prowl for some Halloween fun now.  If so, you can check out:

Happy Halloween!

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