Monday, September 23, 2013

Writing is in full swing!

We've jumped into the writing pool and the water is just fine!

I revised my student writing journal to incorporate the Common Core focus on the three types of writing: opinion, informative and narrative.  Last week we started by doing an opinion piece about fall.  The sentence stem was either: I like fall because, I love fall because or I don't like fall because.  Then, after reading 2 non-fiction books about leaves during Storytime, we started an informational piece on leaves and will wrap that up today.  Tomorrow we'll start writing a narrative piece about an autumn memory.  
Before we even started writing, Writing Dude visited us and taught us about the 3 Types of Writing.  I also have a poster that I display at our Writing Station to remind us of the types of writing.

It's a freebie that I'm sharing over at 

If you'd like to see what my writing journal looks like and what it's all about click below

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  1. Awesome! We should link up some time! I am totally absorbed into Common Core writing for mainly grades 3-5! I like all your writing ideas!