Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Class Yearbook FREEBIE

Class Memory Books are soooooo cute...I don't do them though.  I can't wrap my head around how to do it throughout the year.

Instead, I like to make a class yearbook during the last two weeks of school.  Our school sells yearbooks, but not everyone buys one.  So kids are thrilled when they get their own class yearbook to keep, and it's FREE!

I updated the class yearbook that I have in my TPT store because, as usual, I found a way to improve upon last year's creation.  This year I added a class word find and telephone numbers pages.  I also found a FANTASTIC website called fotor ( that creates picture collages for you for free.  So I used the "faces" feature in iPhoto to gather 9 pictures of each one of my students and then upload them to this website.  The collage is then saved as a .png file and I can insert it into the class yearbook (across from their writing) and send parents a digital copy if they ask for it.

Click here to get it!

If you're already done with the school year, like me, soak up the sun and summer freedom!  If you're almost done, hang in there and you'll soon cross the finish line too!

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