Monday, November 9, 2015

Scaredy Squirrel Art Projects

On Tuesday, Scaredy Squirrel had the kids make acorns since he was unable to find any outside right now.  It was an easy tracing and painting project. The acorn top was traced onto light brown paper (with a tracer I made) and the bottom of the acorn was traced onto darker brown paper (with another tracer I made).  The two were then glued together.  The final step was using a small bit of sponge and brown paint to sponge paint the acorn top.   

Scaredy then punched holes in the acorns and strung them up over our classroom library and the kids loved it!

Then on Thursday, during small reading groups, I had the kids make Scaredy decoupage style.  I looked on Pinterest for something to use or copy but ended up creating my own.
Each student got a tray with the above parts and then assembled Scaredy after watching me do mine.
We added name tags the next morning (printed from the internet).

The next step with this project is for kids to write up a narrative of who Scaredy is and display them in the hallway.  You can get that project for free by clicking HERE.

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