Thursday, November 5, 2015

Scaredy Squirrel. . . on a fieldtrip!

In the very first book about Scaredy Squirrel we learned that Scaredy is afraid of EVERYTHING and prefers things to be safe and predictable.  But after falling out of his tree (which he NEVER leaves) he learns that you have to live life and not be afraid and decides each day to "jump into the unknown" and he did that today with our class. . .he came on a field trip and it was actually HIS idea:

After letting Scaredy know that he COULDN'T bring his tree with us on the bus to the theater, he did decide to come with us and got into my Emergency backpack and had a great time.

Tomorrow my students are going to create a decoupage Scaredy during our small reading groups (art group).  We'll add a writing piece to the art project so students can write a narrative piece about Scaredy to introduce him to other students and teachers.

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