Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Made It!

Monday Made It!

Happy New Year!  I'm linking up with Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics to share something I, am making because it's not quite the way I want it yet but I wanted to share and maybe get some feedback ;)

I LOVE Readers' Theater!!  I do incorporate costumes and prop though because it's so much fun for everyone.  I've been really wanting to make some kind of stage or curtain for us to use, especially when we invite parents in to watch us perform.  So at 7:30a.m., the day before Winter Break, I was at Home Depot with an idea in my head and hope in my heart.  I literally put my idea together in the plumbing aisle with PVC pipes!  It's NOT 100% to my liking because:

* It needs to be wider....gotta add more pipe and a 3rd leg in the 
     middle to support that length.
* It needs to be taller so none of my student's heads are peeking 
     over it.
* It needs to be sturdier.

I really want this to be collapsable and storable as well, but also easy and quick to put together.  So take a look and PLEASE give me feedback if you've done this or if you've got a great idea :)

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