Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pinterest _______

Fill in the blank:

Pinterest __________.

1) Is something I finally gave in to being part of.
2) Is what I'm perusing while feeding my 4-month-old or when just before going to sleep around 1a.m. (I'm a night owl on vacations).
3) Is where I've found GREAT ideas for everything, including teaching!
4) Is, inadvertently, bringing more art projects into my classroom.

Teach 123 is having a linky party of Pinterest favorites 
(click on the above image to go to the blog).
So I want to pass on my faves to others!


Beth Heinemann used to work with me at a French language summer camp called Lac du Bois and is now a 1st grade teacher as well and I LOVE all the teaching things she pins!!  
Plus she's an excellent baker and has her own Etsy store with her yummies!

My pins: 

Of the 64 teaching ideas I've pinned, I've actually done/created 5...that's what breaks are for I guess!

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