Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The GingerBURNT Man

Run, run, as fast as you can....because your cookies are burning!

So we started a Gingerbread Man unit last week and read 3 different versions of the book.  Today I decided we'd make Gingerbread cookies.  I made the dough last night and after we read The Gingerbread Girl this morning, kids got to work.  They rolled out the dough, used the cookie cutter and I put them all on the cookie sheet.  When they were out at recess, I went to the staff lounge and turned on the oven to 350 degrees.  When I came back 7 minutes later to sit down and eat my lunch with a colleague, I put the little guys into the oven.  Pretty soon I smelled something and went to check on them....but the oven was LOCKED!  My colleague came over to help and by that time I saw a little bit of smoke coming out of the oven and smelled burning Gingerbread.  We could not get the door open, so I turned off the oven and ran to get the secretary.  She couldn't figure it out either so I ran into the lunchroom to get our BPO.  By the time I came back with him, another staff member somehow got the door open, phew!  I had one tray of fine cookies and 1 tray of burnt cookies.  I explained everything to my kiddos after lunch and they were disappointed but very understanding and accepted chocolate chip cookies instead, phew!

I'm still a bit embarrassed by the whole mishap, but now I have an idea for a book: The GingerBurnt Man!

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