Friday, July 26, 2013

Ants, HOT & Favorite Pins Friday

I think ants are cool little bugs.  Thankfully none have ever ruined a picnic for me.  And thankfully there are quite a few cute children's books where ants are the main characters.  I gathered up these books and turned them into a Readers' Theater MEGA pack.  Click on the ant to check it out :)


So I live in Anchorage, Alaska and our summers have sporadic sun...clouds usually rule.  But this summer's weather has been EPIC so far and I just need to get that off my chest.  You don't really wear shorts in the summer and it hits 70 or above maybe 3 times....but this was my thermometer yesterday:
Of course this was in the sun but who cares! Everyone is in shock that it's been so consistently sunny for so long.  There are no more kiddie pools left in the city so I had to order one from Amazon and it should be here on Saturday!


And now for something addictive....Pinterest and this Linky Party (which I hope is still happening)!

This concept is genius: Create a matching game for whatever you'd like.  Put half of the match on a white spoon and the other on a clear spoon!

I love this poster that shows what words and actions would be appropriate for students to use.  This goes along very well with a lesson from our RCCP curriculum.
Unfortunately I can't find the blog where it came from, I just have the picture from Pinterest :(

I was thinking of using this with my small guided reading groups, but the concept can be used with any subject.  The link takes you to a blog where the idea is for Literature Circles.

This is a whole writing pack from Andrea Knight but using toys to help teach writing concepts I think is genius!  This is on my TPT wish list :)

I love pinning and am as addicted as the next person, but I'm going to sit down some night in the near future and go through all my pins and plan them into
my year and print them off.  Of course I need to wait until the kids are in bed, my husband goes to bed and I have a beverage all to myself :)

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