Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back-to-School & Pub Run

I got 'em!

It's interesting to read blog posts and see when other teachers across the country #1) Get back into their classrooms to set-up and #2) Start a new school year.  Our old principal used to not let us work in our rooms until our report date :(  but our new principal lets us in as soon as she's back [close to a month prior to teachers] :)  So this Friday I'll drop my kiddos off at daycare and head into my room to start the FRENZY!  I LOVE to set up my room, and now after so many years I like my set-up and decorating, so it doesn't take as long....but it still takes a long time with all the little things.

And speaking of Back-to-School, last night I finished work on a new Back-to-School Literature Activities PACK that has lesson plans and activities to go along with 7 great picture books for the first week of school.

And finally, I live up in Anchorage, Alaska and one thing I love about it is the very active running community here!  Every Tuesday night (all year long, rain/snow or shine) the local running store hosts a 3-mile Pub Run.  It starts at Skinny Raven (the running store) and ends at an Irish cool!  They give away prizes, let you test out running shoes and lots of other neat things.  Families with kids are out running, people and their dogs are out running and hard core racers are out running.  As we took off last night I just had to laugh because all of us running around on the downtown city streets was kind of like the unleashing of salmon in the Kenai River!

Even though it's a "run", the assemblance of lots of runner and the familiar "On your marks, get set, GO!" just turns on the "race" switch in my brain and I can't help but take off like a bat out of a cave :)  Needless to say, miles 1 & 2 were great but then I ran into a big hill on mile 3 and slowed waaaaaaaay down.  But it was so fun!! 
I snap pictures of blooming flowers wherever I go!

This video is great, take a peek!

I'd love to know how many of you out there are proud, energetic teachers AND runners?

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