Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Apps #5

Apps make the world go round....well not quite, but they do make our mobile devices go.  I stumble upon apps, I find apps on Pinterest and Facebook and seek out FREE apps on AppsGoneFree. 

I will share an app or two with you and include pictures or even a video.  I would love it if you would either:  share an app with us  or try out the app I've recommended and let us know what you think.  

If you share, please tell us:
* the name
* the price
* what devices it works on (iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc.)
* how you use it
* why it's worth downloading

This week I'm sharing: Penultimate
I've only used this *free* app on my iPad because the screen is big enough to see and draw on.

This app lets you make and keep thematic notebooks.  For example, a few I have are: 5544 House Inspection, Trailside Triathlon, Literature Inspired Writing Activities and Picture Books to Read.  You can paste pictures onto the pages and draw/write on the pages.  The one thing you can't do (or I haven't figured out how to do) is TYPE.  

I've checked out some children's literature from our public library this summer and take pictures of the books that fit into one of my notebooks (Literature Inspired Writing Activities -or- Picture Books to Read). 

I'm starting to think about how I can have individual students or pairs use this app with math or reading...

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