Thursday, June 25, 2015

Five for Friday

On this Friday I'm spending my last night living in a dorm with my husband and children.  What?!

Bemidji State University in Northern Minnesota
I never had the dorm experience in college because I lived at home.  Now I get to experience it because my husband teaches a 2-week course on the campus of this university each summer when we travel back to Minnesota for vacation.  Usually, while my husband is here, my daughter and son and I stay with my parents 3 hours away at their house. . .

Our 3 bedroom suite is just down the hall from the lounge, which has a full kitchen!
We discovered this game room in the basement yesterday as well as a laundry room that has free machines!
My daughter is finally old enough to go to summer camp AND learn a foreign language at the same time thanks to this place. . .where my husband and I met while counselors at the French 'village'.  This wonderful place is located only 20 minutes from our dorm.
Esta es mi hija 'Mia'!
Spending time with my son
While 'sissy' is at camp all day, we go shopping, play at parks and take a nap (YES, I'm included in the napping...and it's glorious!).
Mama gets coffee and he gets a hot chocolate!

My mother's sewing machine
I love to sew skirts and don't make the time for it as much as I'd like to, so each day this week (while my son was napping and my daughter was at camp) I happily whipped up some new additions to my wardrobe.
I got to stop and shop at a fabric outlet store in a suburb of Minneapolis when we first started our vacation, so I had lots of fabric to work with!
This is like a candy store for me!

The chance to finally do a race where you get color thrown at you.  You start in a white t-shirt and end up multicolored after running 3 miles.  It's an untimed run so I'll get to just run and not get stressed out racing, yay!

Man I really LOVE summer!


  1. The Language Villages look very interesting.I am going to read more about it.Your trip to the fabric outlet also looks like fun.
    Grade School Giggles

  2. Hi April! I HIGHLY recommend the Language Villages for kids (and parents) of any age....such an amazing concept and experience that truly shaped who I am as a person :-) Thanks for stopping by! ~Jaime