Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Yearly Lakeshore Pilgrimmage!

The Land of 10,000 Lakes. . .and ME!  We're home for our yearly vacation to see family and friends, visit old hangouts and SHOP!  For the first time EVER, the kids went with my husband and dad up to Duluth (where they live) and my mom and I stayed in the Twin Cities to shop and have fun.  First stops: IKEA and Lakeshore Learning!

And every year I end up buying less and less because I use what I have, I make things and get things from TPT.  Doesn't mean that I spend less money though...  Here's the least amount of Lakeshore stuff I bought...half a tote bag!

Most of what I bought was needed (stickers, stamp pads, etc.) but there were a few must-haves.  Here's one:
It's a set of plastic bookmarks that have close reading questions/sentence stems on them to help students find proof in the text they are reading (either independently or in a small group setting).  You can find them online here.
They also have a non-fiction version.

And at IKEA I got a few small things but did not get this gem....which I keep thinking about going back to get.
A light up red carpet, how cool!

Check it out here.

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