Saturday, June 27, 2015

Worksheet for Listening Comprehension

Recently I talked about aural reading comprehension (sans book), which made me think about what I do for listening comprehension (avec book).

Listen to Reading is one of my small reading groups.  I quickly realized I needed an accountability piece to help ensure my students were paying attention and understanding the story.  I started making a listening comprehension worksheet for each book that I use for Listen to Reading.  I save them, of course, on my computer in a file so it's easy to pull them and print them off.  It's also easy to make a new one by just changing an existing one.

In addition to assessing their comprehension, I wanted to include 2 reading strategies: evaluating & making connections.

I hear you wondering: "What do you do for the kiddos who can't read the questions?"  There are 2 solutions: students help each other (if the group is mixed ability) -or- you can pre-record each individual question on a very cool little device like this:
10 seconds of recording time, find them here.

Or this one:

30 seconds of recording AND the top is clear case, into which you can insert a picture or whatever!

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