Friday, March 13, 2015

SLG: Listen to Reading

Why do I love 'Listen to Reading'?  
Let me count the ways. . .

1) Kids are QUIET, which helps me do my Guided Reading groups.
2) My students are hearing fantastic examples of fluent readers, which hopefully   will rub off on them.
3) Kids, at this age, tend to prefer listening to a book versus reading one on 
their own.
4) I love to record myself reading books for which I do not have a commercial 
CD...I secretly want to do voice-over work :-)

This group is the second one that I teach, model and practice with students.  Here is our anchor chart:

Initially, the only way my students can listen to books is at the group Listening Center.  I choose 1 student to be in charge (press play/stop, tidy up) and there is almost always a comprehension worksheet that they must complete when they're finished listening to the story.


These are 2 of the comprehension strategies that I include on my Listening Center worksheets. Click here or on the images above to download them.

I recently discovered that the wireless headphones I have can also be used with a computer!!  There was a USB blue tooth connection cable included with the headphones and the possibility just popped into my head the other day...after having had a small group use my laptop to watch a Dr. Seuss video with plug-in headphones that died on me during our groups :-(
Click on the picture to go to the website that offers this AMAZING headphones!

A few weeks later I introduce individual Listen to Reading.  I used to have CD players but thanks to a generous PTA, I now have 6 iPods that kids use and they love them!
Individual books are labeled with numbers 1-199.  Listen with Someone books are labeled 200-299.  Small group books are labeled 300-399.  Readers Theater scripts and other things I record are labeled in the 900's.  I do all of this through Garage Band and iTunes.
I teach kids how to neatly store their headphones and iPods when finished with them.
I got these drawers at Walmart and they are perfect for housing each iPod.  Kids take the entire drawer with them.  There are two drawers on top for batteries and splitters.
Most things are under the 'Music' category but recently I discovered 'Audio Books'.
I only make 9 books-on-iPod available at a time so interest is always high.  I put the books in this bookcase and label each book's spot with an EXPO marker so books go back where they're supposed to...books often get put back into our classroom library and then I have to search for them.

Eventually I introduce Listen with Someone and students can pair up with a friend and a splitter and listen with someone.

I'm so fortunate to have had Scholastic points to purchase so many books-on-CD and to a generous PTA that provided the iPods and wireless headphones.  This group is truly awesome in so many ways!

And that's how we do Listen to Reading

Tomorrow is all about Word Work!

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