Saturday, March 7, 2015


 Have you seen that 80's movie about a night custodian and a female thief who get locked in Target overnight and have TONS of fun?  Well if I could get locked in a store overnight I would choose either Target or Over the Rainbow Toys! 

 I went into OTRT this afternoon to get a birthday present for my daughter's friend.  This toy store is THE best and has many, many toys and games that would be great for a primary classroom.  I've spent lots of money already this year getting things for my small math groups, especially the building group.  This time I discovered Zoobs and am in LOVE...not with the name though.  These are connectable AND moveable building pieces...take that LEGOs.
There are 5 different pieces that differ slightly from one another.


This kit comes with 6 guidebooks that show how to create certain things.
My daughter and I had so much fun playing with them.  I made a little video to show you more.
I can't wait to introduce students to Zoobs after spring break...although I might end up playing with them more than my students!

Much thanks to the 2 apps I used to make this video and add music to of my FAVE songs of all time (BINGO BANGO by Basement Jaxx)!

Perfect Video
Instavideo (adds music, which can be edited)

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