Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SLG: Read to Self

One of the first things we do in August is learn how to read quietly by ourselves.    Teachers know it's WAYYYYY more than just telling a kid to go get a book and read!  You have to teach, model and practice: book selection, stamina and expected behavior.  Once established, this is like the foundation of a well-built house.  

I teach, model and practice this a few weeks before we start our Small Learning Groups.  I use this anchor chart to help:

We talk as a group about what this should 'look' like and I write down (and later type up) their ideas, which are guided by me as well.  If you're wondering what "floating" is (on my side of the poster) it just means that I'm walking around watching students do the right thing during their group.  I do this exclusively the first 2 weeks that we do our small reading groups so I know what to review and how to make things better.  I call these 2 weeks our reading groups "training" time.  I highly encourage anyone who does small groups to have a "training" period before you become part of the groups!!

Some kids are fine reading at their desk or on the floor, but these cute chairs are choices only for Read to Self.

 At the start of the year I often hear, "But I can't read Mrs. Locke." which is soooooooo not true!

Click to download it.
Here are two other reading posters you might like:
Click to download it.
Click to download it.
So that's how we do independent reading

Tomorrow it's all about 'Read with Someone'!

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