Thursday, March 12, 2015

SLG: Read with Someone

Timing is EVERYTHING with this group!
When you start it depends on your students and how capable they are reading with a partner.
On the days we do our reading groups, I have the Read with someone stuff sitting out.
The basket of books goes back into the classroom library when groups are done.
Partner reading is such a wonderful thing because kids have fun, help each other and work on their reading all at the same time.  I've done partner reading before I read the Daily 5, but I did it in my small guided reading groups after doing a picture walk and choral reading. And that's how I introduce it early in the year, solely during guided reading groups.  It's easier to teach, model and practice with fewer kids and they transition very well to doing it on their own in a different group.  Here's the anchor chart we use:

I find the biggest challenge is volume control.  Using a 6-inch voice is a great idea and I created this as a visual reminder that students take with them when they read with their partner.
There are magnets on the back and I keep them on this metal stand up board next the Read with Someone books.
Cute IKEA rugs I bought just for Read to Someone so partners could make sure to sit EEKK style.

I think one of the reasons my students love to read with a partner is because they get to choose what to read...there are a few choices: 2 copies of the same book (fiction or non-fiction), 1 book shared between partners (fiction or non-fiction), or a Readers' Theater partner play.
click to get both posters

Click to see a list of available plays.

This year I started partner reading soon after I allowed students to choose their own groups.  So kids are choosing who they want to read with and it often results in mixed abilities being together and working out really well, which is another benefit!

And that's how we do partner reading

Tomorrow is all about 'Listen to Reading'!

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