Monday, March 2, 2015

Writing Dude is baaaaack...with a FREEBIE!

My favorite way to teach writing skills....I should say, my favorite DUDE, is baaaaack! 
Writing Dude is a series of SmartBoard lessons that help teach writing skills and concepts in a fun, engaging way.  You must have Notebook software on the computer you're using to run these files.  You can click here to download it for free on either a Mac or PC.

So I FINALLY got a chance to have some work time @ Starbucks today 
No coffee involved this time :-)
and was set to work on a new Writing Dude about goal setting when I discovered this lesson was 90% done and I had totally forgotten about it!  I put some finishing touches on it and decided to make it FREE, so go check it out and see what you think.

I am going to work on the goal setting lesson next and will let you know what it's finished.  The inspiration comes from my 1st grade colleague (who is also my daughter's teacher) who has her students set writing goals.  My daughter is very aware of her writing goal and when she's mastered it and is on the next one.  Taking off on that idea, I came up with a self-monitoring way for students to manage their goals, and that'll be part of the lesson :-)

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