Monday, March 9, 2015

Audiobooks saved me SOOOO much time!

I'm fortunate to have 6 iPod nanos in my classroom and I use them to the max!
I use my Scholastic book order points to purchase multiple copies of books and their accompanying CDs for "Listen to Reading".  Kids either listen at the listening station as a group of 4, with a partner (and splitter) or by themselves.
 There are many books that I cannot find CDs I've been using GarageBand to make my own recordings to sync to my iPods.  I've also recorded Readers' Theater plays so kids can listen and practice.

Since it was time for Dr. Seuss last week, I found some cute bags at Target and thought I'd record myself reading 3 of his stories since I already had a CD for 'One Fish, Two Fish'.  

But I decided to use Google to see if I could find something downloadable since it was 11:00p.m....and thank goodness I did...audiobooks in the iTunes store!

The kids loved the novelty of the bags and hearing Seuss favorites read by super expressive readers such as Kelsey Grammar!

My next iPod/Garage Band project is to create a song book of fun kid songs that is accessible on the iPod and has an accompanying book so they can read along with the lyrics.

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