Sunday, March 15, 2015

SLG: Word Work

Independent written work has its place and benefits.  Each week, as part of my reading groups, students complete a packet of 3-6 worksheets that all focus on our word family of the week in a different fashion and the packets are differentiated for students (according to ability, difficulty, effort).  Their familiarity helps students work independently at their level.  Working independently is a life skill - end of story.  (Appropriate and beneficial) worksheets help students become good independent workers and the earlier you can help students learn to do this the better - end of story.

Click above to get a FREE word family packet.
Click above to get another FREE word family packet.
A private office and headphones to help students focus and concentrate.

I found these hooks at Target in the $ bins.
Shhhhh, I chopped the cords off of these headphones that I don't use anymore.
Students work their way through their packet each day (W, Th, F) and try to finish on Friday.  If they finish early, then they do not have to do Word Work on Friday and can instead do another group they haven't done or do one of the groups twice.  If students do not finish by Friday, the assignment goes on the Finished Work Chart and they continue working on it Monday morning.  They keep their packet in their Unfinished Work Folder.

And that's how we do Word Work

Tomorrow is all about Reading Games!

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