Tuesday, June 21, 2016


All of the above are true. . .but #3 is a treasure I found the other day doing one of my favorite things: browsing the children's section in a new library.

The thing I was drawn to with this book was the artwork and the SEL connection.

My favorite!

I am definitely adding this book to my SEL lessons about feelings and created a class book to go with it.

You can get it for FREE by clicking here!

The one thing that amazes me each year when we do our feelings lessons is the response to these questions:
"Is it okay to feel _______ (mad, jealous, excited, etc.)?"   "No."
So we spend a lot of time talking about how it IS okay to feel a certain way, how you act upon that feeling can either be good or bad (angry: taking 5 deep breaths -v.s- hitting someone).  So that's why I titled the class book "We can feel..."

And I'm feeling excited to go visit my grandparents and a favorite beach of ours on Madeline Island in Northern Wisconsin tomorrow!

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