Friday, June 10, 2016

The Sun and the Wind

I'm now back in Minnesota, my home state, for at least a month to visit family and friends and do lots of fun things!  Today, our first full day here, I took my kids to SandVenture, which is basically a swimming pool that looks and feels like a lake.  It was hot. . .upper 80's with some humidity (remember we live in Alaska so it's like culture shock).  The sun, although hot and shining brilliantly, was tempered with a nice cool breeze.  I made a connection right then and there to the fable "The Sun & the Wind".

Later on I was sitting outside in a very cool one-person swing my sister has, listening to the wind blow through the trees and appreciating the shade from the sun and got the urge to write. . . a Readers' Theater script.  If you're not familiar with the story, here's a cute video:

This play has 4 characters, is 3 pages long and comes with both a comprehension check and inferential group discussion questions.

Hope there's lots of sun, with a nice cool breeze, wherever you are!

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